Stephen Kastner

Stephen Kastner

Since 1997, I have been an independent consultant at DesignWise Studios. I began as a visual artist in painting and photography. In the 1980s, I was a professional photo-journalist for the NYT papers in Florida. In 2006, I lived in Yunnan, China and spent 6 months as a filmmaker while designing the curriculum for what was to became the top-rated Chinese Culture Spa on TripAdvisor, the Linden Centre. Now, I employ writing, digital photography, videography, graphic design, and networked media to create all varieties of digital storytelling and I coach authors to write their stories and share them via self-publishing at Green Mountain Writers Group.

The World and what you make of it

The World by Stephen Kastner, Green Mountain Writers Review

It is what you make of it, your world. But is it really all you’ve got? Your hands representing creativity, your feet representing mobility, your senses like windows to all that surrounds you. Touch is the panorama, your skin the…

Tarot, a Cure for Writer’s Block?

Carl Jung on Tarot

The term writer’s block was first coined in New York City in 1947 by Edmund Bergler, a well-known disciple of Sigmund Freud. Bergler called it a form of “psychic masochism, the unconscious wish to defeat one’s conscious aims, and to…

Submittable, Duotrope? Meet The Grinder

Green Mountain Writers

The Submission Grinder is a free submission tracker and market database for writers of fiction and poetry. In 2013, David Steffen and Anthony Sullivan founded The Submission Grinder, a donation-supported website to help writers find publishers for their work, which continues…

Saturday Watch Party 3/20

Green Mountain Writers Review

Join us at this Watch Party to learn from the masters including: David Sedaris on Observing the World Malcolm Gladwell on Holding Readers: Tools for Engagement Roxanne Gay on Challenging Ideas and Changing Minds Steve Martin on Story Techniques …as…