Stephen Kastner

Stephen Kastner

Since 1997, I have been an independent consultant at DesignWise Studios. I began as a visual artist in painting and photography. In the 1980s, I was a professional photo-journalist for the NYT papers in Florida. In 2006, I lived in Yunnan, China and spent 6 months as a filmmaker while designing the curriculum for what was to became the top-rated Chinese Culture Spa on TripAdvisor, the Linden Centre. Now, I employ writing, digital photography, videography, graphic design, and networked media to create all varieties of digital storytelling and I coach authors to write their stories and share them via self-publishing at Green Mountain Writers Group.

La Maison Dieu


The last few leaves from a tall maple outside my windows were cascading to the ground on a rainy, windswept, October day. I was learning to transfer myself, unassisted, from my bed to a wheelchair. Someday, I might be able…

Substack, a Self-Publishing Alternative


Substack is a subscription newsletter service popular among independent journalists and writers. Feeling obligated to lead by example, I took the leap and launched my own: “Antediluvian Attitudes a Substack by a person who lived before the Flood.” Launched in 2017, this…