When AI Comes a-Knockin’

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…it’s “Katy Bar the Door!”

From Eleanor Fortesque Brickdale's Golden book of famous women (1919)

The Fear Factor is more than an old Joe Rogan series, it’s also a book by Abigail Marsh who studied the brains of both psychopathic children and extreme altruists and found that the answer lies in our ability to recognize others’ fear. And as “The Fear Factor” argues, by studying people who demonstrate heroic and evil behaviors, we can learn more about how human morality is coded in the brain.

But what if the psychopath is a non-person?

“When it comes to history, we think in straight lines. When we imagine the progress of the next 30 years, we look back to the progress of the previous 30 as an indicator of how much will likely happen,” says Tim Urban in “The AI Revolution: The Road to Superintelligence.” But in the case of AI, it’s a curve that spikes sharply upward. While teachers fear the use of AI to generate writing assignments and answer essay question, creative writers are concerned about their work being ingested by robotic scouring of the Internet for source content with no regard for copyrights. NPR reports, “Thousands of writers including Nora Roberts, Viet Thanh Nguyen, Michael Chabon and Margaret Atwood have signed a letter asking artificial intelligence companies like OpenAI and Meta to stop using their work without permission or compensation.”

With all of this in mind, I decided to restructure the Green Mountain Writers website. For the past few weeks, I have been building a seperate website for the literary Review. I plan to make it a gated site to protect the contents. It will only be available to registered subscribers. A $10 annual subscription or a donation of any amount will grant you access. Contributing writers who choose to share work developed in any of our workshops will also be granted a free subscription.

For now there is no paywall…

The site is still under development so take a look at Review.GreenMountainWriters.com and feel free to give me some feedback.

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