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When AI Comes a-Knockin’

When AI Knocks at your Door Green Mountain Writers

…it’s “Katy Bar the Door!” The Fear Factor is more than an old Joe Rogan series, it’s also a book by Abigail Marsh who studied the brains of both psychopathic children and extreme altruists and found that the answer lies…

Substack, a Self-Publishing Alternative


Substack is a subscription newsletter service popular among independent journalists and writers. Launched in 2017, this paid, email newsletter publishing platform may earn money for authors by helping them turn their subscribers into paying customers. Integrating Stripe, and a website…

Unpsychology Mag issue 9

Unpsychology Magazine issue 9, imaginings

Unpsychology Magazine 9: IMAGININGS Submissions call Following Unpsychology Magazine’s epic Anthology of Warm Data (issue 8), we are following up with an equally ambitious and related project. This one aims to reimagine the present within and beyond social, ecological and multispecies contexts. In this issue, we are particularly inspired…