Writing Challenge: A Collective Symbol of our Times

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What are your thoughts on the existence and contents of the collective unconscious?

We’d like to provide an opportunity in the form of a writing prompt that encourages you to take a deep dive into the collective mind to see if you can come up with a worthy idea on how to bind wounds and heal the great divide. Is it a little Bluebird or a Mastodon?

Carl Jung in living color

Here’s the idea that I hope you find thoughtworthy:

“Through inner vision, the prophet discerns from the needs of their time a helpful image in the collective unconscious and expresses it in a symbol. Because it speaks out of the collective unconscious, it speaks for everyone – le vrai mot de la situation!”Carl Jung

Write up to 1,500 words and email your submission to me…

I look forward to publishing your poem, essay, or short story that describes a universal symbol that might speak for everyone.

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