Jerry Johnson Featured Poet with Green Mountain Writers

Jerry Johnson is the author of two celebrated books, Up the Creek Without a Saddle and Noah’s Song. In his own words: “I was blessed when Jon Gailmor and Pete Sutherland, two legendary Vermont master musicians, set several of my poems into song for beautiful albums to accompany my books.”

Jerry lives in a century-old schoolhouse he restored in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. He is a retired professor from Fitchburg State University in Massachusetts where he was a finalist for the school’s excellence in teaching award. He also taught middle school and high school. In addition, he has been a civil engineer, tennis pro, carpenter, artist, freelance writer and editor. Jerry is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst where he honored with the school’s top scholar-athlete award. He received his master’s degree from Purdue University.

In the words of Howard Mosher: “Up the Creek Without a Saddle and the music of Jon Gailmor and Pete Sutherland are a lyrical celebration of the ‘Vermont Tradition’ at its best.”

In the words of Reeve Lindbergh: “Noah’s Song is another wild and warmhearted rhyming tale from Jerry Johnson, full of happy mayhem, with an ark-full of creatures creating all kinds of adventures … fun for children of all ages and all species! Noah’s Song is further enhanced by the bright, delightful paintings of Adrien ‘Yellow’ Patenaude, and accompanied by the always captivating music of one of Vermont’s master musicians, Jon Gailmor.”

In the words of Sydney Lea, Poet Laureate of Vermont: “Jerry Johnson has the true songwriter’s gift: his lyrics seem so simple, but that’s a deception. The more one listens — and the tunes are brilliantly served by the excellent Jon Gailmor and Pete Sutherland — the deeper they get. What a pleasure this album is!”

Jerry is currently working on five more books—a Vermont mystery novel, another children’s picture book, an illustrated book of humor, and two more poetry books.

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