Script Testing Rubric:

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Who are the main characters?

Sgerbic, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
  • How would you describe them to another person?
  • At what point in the story did you start to care about them?
  • At what point did you feel that you either wanted to continue (or stop) spending time with them?
  • What was it about that moment in the story that made you care about them?
  • If you did not want to follow them further, explain why you never began to care or want to spend further time with them?
  • Where in the script, did they say or do something that you didn’t really believe they could or would do that made them less authentic?
  • If you were at a party, and all of the characters from the script were there, which one would would you choose to hang out with and why?
  • Was there a character (or characters) in the script that you wanted to spend more time with?


Let’s walk through the big picture, the main events that happen in the story.

  • At what point did you feel pulled in and hooked, that you absolutely wanted to keep reading? (You can answer…I didn’t.)
  • What was it that pulled you in so strongly?
  • If not, do you have any ideas as to why you were never really hooked by the story?
  • Was there anything that happened in the story that didn’t make sense, was confusing, or you just couldn’t buy?
  • What moment(s) you most interested in or liked the best in the story?
  • At what moment(s) were you least interested? Where it started to drag, lose momentum, and/or you found yourself losing interest.
  • What were some of your favorite scenes? And why?
  • What were some of your least favorite scenes? And why?

If you just watched this as a pilot, how excited (or not excited) would you be to watch the next episode?

If a studio hired you to make this script better, and told you that you could do whatever you wanted to improve it, what would you do?

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