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Formerly a computer programmer and manager. I still teach Asperger adults how to use and program the computer. Now, I have decided to learn how to write. I am interested in writing a memoir and short stories.

I write screenplays (comedies, dramas) & short stories memoir

Card-carrying secular humanist with Humanities degree from University of Texas. I write prose fiction - short, shorter, and flash.

MILLICENT EIDSON is the author of the alphabetical Maya Maguire microbial mystery series. The MayaVerse at includes a side story in El Portal Literary Journal and prequels in Danse Macabre and Fiction on the Web. Awards include Best Play in Synkroniciti and Honorable Mention from the Arizona Mystery Writers.

Dr. Eidson’s work as a veterinarian in public health began with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and continued at the New Mexico and New York state health departments. She is a public health faculty member at the University at Albany and the University of Vermont. An author of over a hundred scientific papers, articles, and book chapters, she discusses public health communication through creative writing on the podcast:

With formative years in the Southwest, Millie still enjoys travel to Arizona and worldwide, but has settled in Vermont with her family. Passionate about lifelong learning, Millie studies French, Spanish, painting and photography in addition to creative writing, supported by the Burlington Writers Workshop (BWW), the Alliance of Independent Authors, and Sisters in Crime. She can be found on Twitter, @EidsonMillicent, and Instagram, @drmayamaguire.