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Jim learned the beauty of writing poetry at a young and impressionable age thanks to teachers who inspired him. Now, as a teacher himself, he shares his passion for poetry with his students and the cycle continues. Jim recently joined the Green Mountain Writers Group.

As a lifelong resident of northern New England, he has gained a unique perspective on the world of natural beauty and grown to appreciate the stoicism necessary to live a full rich life in those climes. During the summer, Jim can be found biking over the Green and White Mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire, kayaking in their rivers and streams or flying sailplanes. In the winter, he’s in the woods with his camera. The texture of that land, its myriad of color, and variety of seasons have, like his students, found their way into his poetry.

I'm a retired Vermont lawyer who started writing poetry a few years ago. I live on Lake Champlain and love to garden and irritate my cat Izzy.