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Life rarely prepares us for the ironies it rewards us with. With that in mind a more irreplaceable and unrivaled profile of what I am NOT is in order. So rarely do we see context as that which defines the Inter-play of systems as complex as a person. Perhaps the space context shapes around emptiness when in need of defining a self “that which may emerge from the subjective level of meta-apprehension.” I’m neither mysterious nor all that easy. I am not a comfortable Rotarian, I do not downhill ski, golf, play tennis, bowl, sail or have whales on my watch, and, indeed, I do not own a useable watch. I do not wear madras shorts or razor blue, well cut blazers that never match how well the right Italian suit fits me. I do not believe there is much that is superior to a root vegetable diet for rehab. I have with disciplined consistency resisted any mid-life surrender to the impulse that drives a man to purchase a capably macho vehicle for one day motoring to the Yucatán over a Fourth of July weekend. I do not ignore the true luxuries of modern life, especially as it ages: time, space, silence. I have never, nor do I intend, to neomystically fondle a dolphin, become an endocrinologist or seek fame that is based on the unconscious ridicule of mass audience viewing. I do hope you find this of valuable interest even if it's a "HUH!?!"

Formerly a computer programmer and manager. I still teach Asperger adults how to use and program the computer. Now, I have decided to learn how to write. I am interested in writing a memoir and short stories.

I write screenplays (comedies, dramas) & short stories memoir

Alex Moore writes creative nonfiction, fiction, and occasionally screenwriting. She is a member of the Burlington Writers Workshop and the Green Mountain Writers Guild. She’s been published in the Green Mountain Literary Review, In Parentheses, The Meadow, The Hurricane Review, and Wanderlust: A Travel Journal. Currently, she’s working on two books about her experiences working and living abroad.

Card-carrying secular humanist with Humanities degree from University of Texas. I write prose fiction - short, shorter, and flash.