Stories from the The Tarot, Issue #1

Welcome to the premiere issue of Green Mountain Writers Literary Review.

Carl Jung recognized the Tarot as depicting archetypes of transformation like those he had found in myths and dreams.
Carl Jung on Tarot for Writers

Here are seven great stories generated by our Green Mountain Writers at the flip of a card…

Care to see what the cards may reveal to you?

Click here and select any of the 22 unseen cards in our fully randomized deck of the Major Arcana. What thoughts does the card bring forth? Use that card as a writing prompt. If you are a member of the Green Mountain Writers Group on Meetup, we invite you to join us and share your work with other writers in our weekly Friday Morning Open Genre Workshop.

About the Green Mountain Writers Review…

It has long been my intention to launch a populist writers’ review containing works derived and developed within our workshops. There are more than enough elite literary reviews. I want to provide an alternative, a forum where any of the participating members can decide when they are ready to publish their work and interact with their readers. There is no judgmental review process other than that of the individual writers themselves. I believe we exist to empower each other.