Category Literary Review

Enough Rope

Enough Rope by Ev Larsen

Hook Stone woke in the rear bedroom of his deer camp and saw a halo of white light on his bedroom ceiling. He blinked a few times and yes, a halo was still up there. He blinked some more, trying…

The Beginning of the World

The Beginning of the World by Ann Mason

“You don’t know how lucky you are to live here, to grow up with all this,” my mother would say, sometimes with a theatrical gesture toward the lake, the island, and the mountains. “Don’t ever take it for granted,” she…

Carly’s Journey

Carly's Journey by Alex Moore

If she weren’t going on the trip, she’d be starting community college in a couple of weeks. She was trading education for an experience, something not many in her small town of Vergennes, Vermont, understood. Except for her grandmother Nell.…