Saturday Watch Party 4/3

Join us at this Watch Party to learn from the masters including:

Amy Tan on: Memory, Truth, and Imagination
Amy walks us through her process of using emotional memory and real-life events to write fiction by sharing her own childhood memories.

Walter Mosley’s Process: Writing Every Day
Rule number one: Write every day. Walter explains why this rule is nonnegotiable.

Dan Brown on: The Anatomy of a Thriller
Dan believes that all stories are comprised of the same elements. Learn the essential components that every compelling story needs, as well as Dan’s personal checklist for creating some of the most successful thrillers in history.

Judy Blume on: Writing Dialogue
Realistic dialogue elevates and sharpens your characters. Judy shares her love of writing dialogue and her ideas for troubleshooting if you don’t love it as much as she does.

…as we stream and discuss four select episodes from their Master Classes.

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Each episode is less than 15 minutes in length leaving plenty of time for some terrific discussions after each one.

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